• Accurate and complete temperature control: 0 – 100 % & no lag
  • Any marine growth or deposition has no direct effect on heat transfer rate or controllability
  • Conventional shell & tube heat exchanger, with simple metallurgy
    Proven in topsides, onshore & nuclear applications
  • Low power, ( ≈100 KW), high reliability pump
    single phase cooling medium pump in clean, inert fluid

HSE Benefits:

  • No hydrocarbons in long lengths of small bore pipework
    No risk of hydrocarbon leaks from corrosion, vibration or fatigue failures
    Hydrocarbons contained within heat exchange system even on tube failure
  • Simplified maintenance & replacement operations
    Working with safe inert fluid :  Greatly reduced live hydrocarbons

Simple to understand & design
A Robust & Cost Effective Active Subsea Cooling Solution